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Are You Personally Trained

Lee Ashford

Unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise throughout the previous twelve months has prompted large numbers to dust-off the old trainers and hit the health club. In a frantic effort to reclaim our long lost bodies from yesteryear, numerous individuals pump iron and pound away on the treadmill every other day for a couple of months until enthusiasm falters. Misguidance and “poor form” usually leads to injury and/or poor results. Motivation barriers proceed until all thoughts of a healthier lifestyle come to a sticky end.

 A few dedicated and disciplined individuals go on to achieve fantastic results, but for the remaining majority, things gradually turn pear-shaped. How many times have you said the words “I just can’t motivate myself to get to the gym”? Lack of, or indeed, no motivation is possibly the biggest barrier to overcome. So, how does one find the inspiration to even just turn up for a training session, let alone push out that extra rep or run for five more minutes? For the couch potatoes who find packing their gym kit and driving their brand new air-conditioned car a few hundred yards down the road to the gym or sports club is just too much hard work, there is hope on the horizon in the shape of a personal trainer.

 Trainers who specialise in home visits ensure that you don’t even need to step outside your front door to enjoy the benefits exercise has to offer. A good trainer will come prepared with all the essential equipment you require. All you need to provide is yourself and your gym kit. The thought of walking into a leisure club during peak times can be very intimidating if you feel conscious about your body. Having your trainer turn up at your house neutralises travel times and quashes any feelings of anxiety. Neighbours may even feel envious to see you working out with your trainer, especially as they have previously been perceived as a luxury only afforded by the rich and famous.

 For those willing to venture outside the house, why not pay a visit to a personal training studio? Equipped with experienced trainers, non-intimidating environment, latest technology and completely private surroundings, a studio is ideal for those who want to avoid a busy leisure club.

 Accident prone participants need not worry. Some trainers offer sports massage therapy as another string to their bow. An injury or ailment need not spell the end to proceedings. In addition to being utilised as a specific treatment to soft tissue injuries, massage is also beneficial in reducing muscle soreness (especially post-exercise) as well as helping to ease tension and aid relaxation.

 A health and fitness assessment is first and foremost for your initial session. These vary from trainer to trainer, but most will include a blood pressure, weight and body fat check.

Fitness tests can include various strength, flexibility and cardiovascular tests. All these checks may feel rather clinical but are essential. The trainer needs to establish a bench mark with which to tailor your programme to suit your needs and ability. A trainer really earns their corn when dealing with special populations, such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, arthritis and pre or post natal. Everyone, regardless of age, gender and ability can be catered for.

 Some gyms offer personal training to members. You may think it a “cheek” to charge for personal training on top of your monthly membership. Why splash out your hard-earned cash twice before being given the chance to exercise? Gyms usually offer a gym programme to help you on your way. The gym instructor will go through your programme with you during your first session. Once left to their own devices, a majority of gym goers will, unknowingly, adapt their own technique to their exercises. By performing any given exercise incorrectly, you minimize the effectiveness of the exercise. Hiring a personal trainer eliminates problematic situations, as they would be on hand to correct and encourage you all the way. This in turn provides you with quicker results.

 Lifting weights incorrectly can increase your risk of injury. “Cheating” movements, such as swinging backwards during a bicep curl, not only reduce the effectiveness of the exercise but also put unnecessary strain on other parts of the body. A personal trainer will demonstrate and teach you the exercise, ensuring you keep correct “form” throughout the programme. Their reputation is at stake if you injure yourself, so your safety is paramount.

 It’s easy to get involved in conversation with the person on the treadmill next to you. Time is valuable, so wasting it chatting or standing around defeats the reason why you are there in the first place. Working out at a comfortable pace that’s probably too comfortable will not help to reap the benefits required. A trainer will keep you motivated, interested and on your toes. On the other hand, going like a bat out of hell and doing far too much for your body to safely perform can be extremely dangerous. A good trainer will always enable you to work within your capabilities whilst getting the maximum benefit. Designed to meet individual needs of the client, each fitness programme is progressive, regularly updated and enjoyable (even for the most reluctant participant).

 A personal trainer really is a jack of all trades. Each will have their own area of expertise, and will have knowledge in some, if not all of the following areas; nutrition advice, sports injuries, postural correction, fitness testing, aerobics, sports specific training, martial arts, boxing, yoga and pilates.

 Financial restrictions may inhibit regular sessions with a trainer, with prices ranging from £20 per hour up to an astonishing £100+ per hour (depending on your location). Most will offer discounts for block bookings, group sessions and regular promotions. Depending on your motivation levels, your trainer can introduce homework between booked sessions. This can comprise of anything from filling in a personal food diary to counting your steps taken daily.

 When the going gets tough, a personal trainer is on hand to help you reach the finish line.

Someone to listen, observe, give advice and offer support seven days a week, a personal trainer is essential to your long term well being. Let’s face it; you can’t put a price on your health!

Here are some important tips when selecting a personal trainer.

1) Cheapest isn’t always best. Although you don’t want to pay over the odds, a Skoda will not perform as well as a Ferrari!

2)         2) Look for recommendations. A good reputation travels almost as fast as a bad reputation. If a friend refers their trainer to you, the chances are they are satisfied with the service provided.

3)         3) Look before you buy. The majority of trainers will offer a free consultation. Speak to two or three before you decide which one suits your needs.

4)         4) Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask for proof of up-to-date qualifications and insurance. A genuine personal trainer should also be police checked.

5)         5) Do judge a book by its cover. Look for a smart, well presented, professional looking individual. The quality of their work may well reflect on their appearance. Punctuality, reliability, tidy appearance and a friendly persona are all qualities of a successful personal trainer.

Gain a head start in your quest for fitness and good health!

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